Some of the applications I’ve built.

The easiest way to budget in real time as you make purchases.
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An application for understanding exactly where you are wasting money on your electric bill. Includes Demand Response, personalized (data driven) efficiency recommendations, home control, appliance costs, and many other energy understanding features. The product has been white labeled and sold to several large utility companies.
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Chai Energy

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Summer Saver was an energy understanding and Demand Response application released by Chai Energy in 2014. The application simplified utility demand response by estimating savings, gamifying each event, and sending timely push notifications.
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Summer Saver

Removed from App Store

Reveal was the first energy monitoring App from Chai Energy released in 2012. It collected data from popular home current transformers. Reveal was the first app to call attention to electric consumption patterns that indicated an appliances had been turned on or off.
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Reveal Energy

Removed from App Store